Convictus is:

John Patrick - Drums

Owner, Rock of Ages Music School
114 E. Delray Ave.
Alexandria, Va. 703-838-2130

John Bevans - Guitar

John Bevans Guitar School
Alexandria, Va.

Peter Larkin - Bass
Producer and Recording Engineer, Northern Virginia

Rick Irby - Guitar/Vocals

Rock of Ages - Music School Instructor
Owner, Ampersand Sound Studios 
and Recording Alexandria, Va.

Mark Ellmore - Vocals

Singer/Song Writer

A Special Thanks

to the friends and loved ones that have supported me on this journey and helped me bring the dream to life.  Special thanks to Steve Roberts, Gary Thomas and Ryan Downs for getting me back in the game. To Jim and Dave Fortney for their support and insight. To Jay Nedry at Jaxx for the opportunities and to the folks at Empire for putting us head to head with the national bands that rolled through. To my lovely mother who put up with all the racket in my youth. To Marty McColl at McLean Bible church for listening and praying for me. And lastly, to The Rock for taking my upside down life, and showing me the way, the truth, and the life.  God bless you all and thanks for listening.